My Role
Epsilon is the only company I have worked for where brave decisions are implemented efficiently and dynamically by empowered employees. The need to be dynamic is particularly important given our ever-changing word. I love that Epsilon have an appreciation of this.

If you are obsessed by the combination of digital, analytics, marketing and technology, then there is no better place to join. And best of all, Epsilon enjoys a true start-up culture backed by a Fortune 500 parent company. What more could you want!

My story
My journey has been all about re-inventing myself whilst also creating value for everyone around me. I was an investment banker when many of you, reading this story, were toddlers! I changed direction after paying off all my college loans and joined McKinsey. A few years later, I realized I was born to start new things!

I have helped build four organizations, and whilst at KPMG I developed their global delivery platform. During my time at AIG, I was involved in the building of their enterprise data management system.

When I am not at work, I love hanging out with my two boys, supporting my childhood football club – Liverpool, and studying human behaviour.