Working with Epsilon gives you an integrated solution for all your marketing efforts. A solution that combines analytics, media optimisation, social marketing, targeting, web experience management and cross-channel campaign management.

Our suite of solutions for strategy, creative and technology means you have access to the perfect marketing automation tools for better understanding and communicating with customers. It even includes the implementation and maintenance of the full suite of Adobe Marketing Cloud offerings.

We collect and collate information from your customers. Then we use this transaction-rich data to help you fully connect with them.

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Marketing automation means more effective targeting of marketing materials and ads, so you reach the customers who are more likely to have an interest in your products.

Great automation starts with great data

If the data isn’t there to support them, the best tools won’t be able to support great marketing.

Epsilon helps our clients to capture, cleanse and enhance their data – helping them build insights and better experience for their customers across all channels.

We combine information and insights to create a real time marketing master file for customers. This gives a comprehensive view of the customer that can be queried or segmented according to your needs.

After that our powerful automated tools work to use that data to connect with your customers, delivering the right messages in the right moments, all on a vast scale.

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