My role

Epsilon is known for its Marketing CRM solutions, with a plethora of delighted clients deriving great business value from these solutions. My role is multi-dimensional: leading a global team delivering our cutting-edge Agility UNITE CRM solution to all our clients; leading a large India CRM team towards accelerated transformation; and, as site leader for the Platform Delivery organization in India.  

My story

I am technocrat at heart – at home with technology as well as business. I have spent the first half of my career in the US, and the latter half in India. Through these years, I have experienced startup culture, big company culture, East Coast culture, and Silicon Valley culture. If there is one theme that runs through my career, it is that I have always been involved in building mission-critical enterprise software. I enjoy leading teams to drive growth.  

My philosophy

Believe that you can change the world. Anything less is not acceptable.

My qualifications

MS and PhD (Computer Science), SUNY at Stony Brook
BTech (Computer Science), IIT Madras