My role

I lead Epsilon Automotive at Epsilon India, where I’m responsible for Engineering, Analytics, Creative, and Campaign Delivery. We combine our industry-leading digital marketing platform, data science solutions, and world class creatives to deliver omnichannel, end-to-end automotive lifecycle marketing to enable brands to uniquely connect with consumers. 

My story

Over the last 15+ years, I’ve built and led many world class teams at both Fortune 500 companies and startups. Prior to that, early in my career, I held individual contributor technical and product leadership positions at various companies.

I’m very grateful for the opportunity to work with many brilliant people from whom I’ve learnt so much – from luminaries in academia and industry, to exceptionally talented engineers and managers (there are too many of them to name!). And in turn, I enjoy sharing my learnings with others to help them achieve their goals, and through this drive better outcomes for all stakeholders. There is so much learning in both directions – about technology, business, and human behavior – that happens in this process, and ultimately that’s what I look forward to everyday.

My philosophy

“If something’s important enough, you should try. Even if the probable outcome is failure.” ─ Elon Musk.

And when we try, I believe that it’s important to:

Be Curious (and always reason from First Principles rather than by analogy); Stay Humble (and keep learning); Be Determined (to always do the right thing); Stay Engaged (and show people that you truly care); Be Insightful (and blend data and empathy to act decisively).
My qualifications

PhD (Decision Science & Information Systems), University of Kentucky