digital media

ongoing, real connections with
millions of real people

When you partner with Conversant®—Epsilon’s digital media marketing arm—you’ll give each consumer their own reason to love your brand, with perfectly unique display ads, mobile ads and video ads. You’ll talk to customers at the person level, and see the power of your digital media campaign from impression to conversion.


Confidently reach all the right people

As a leading marketing agency in India and across the globe, our knowledge of 160+ million consumers is built from highly accurate, intelligently aligned data, including transactional data from 4,000+ retailers. With these consumer IDs that last a lifetime, you’ll reach people across all their devices with unprecedented 96% accuracy.


Benefit from the most complex consumer profiles ever built

Each consumer profile is built across 7,000+ anonymized, privacy-protected dimensions—including locations, video views, purchases (online and offline), web browsing and ad interactions. You'll have a deep understanding of the messages that will move them and the next purchases they’re likely to make.


Bring millions the best message, every time

In the process of your search and display ad marketing, ads are dynamically generated in real time, with deep personalization across messaging and imagery. And they’re delivered in relevant, brand-safe environments, via 6,000 direct publisher integrations, at the moment the consumer is most likely to convert.


See the power of your performance

With our advanced data analytics services, you'll have full, closed-loop visibility into your campaign's power, broken down by channel, location, device, audience, creative and beyond. For every penny spent, you'll understand your incremental return on marketing investment, from direct sales to offline sales and their overlaps, over the lifetime of your customers.


Understand consumers with the industry’s largest set of anonymiZed data

  • 5B+ GPS location points daily
  • 75M+ purchases daily (online & offline)
  • 100M+ online interactions daily
  • 28M+ video viewing hours monthly