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How to improve customer loyalty using Email Marketing

How to improve customer loyalty using Email Marketing

by Epsilon India October 14, 2019

Improve Customer Loyalty using Email Marketing

When it comes to customer reach, Email continues to be the undisputed champion among different marketing mediums. Most businesses continue to rely on email marketing for customer loyalty despite the increasing focus on social media engagement, and this scenario is not changing anytime soon if we notice current market trends.

According to a study conducted by Forrester Consulting, more than 25% customers in India recognize email as their preferred channel for marketing communication. Also, the growing awareness among customers about privacy and security threats has resulted in decreased trust in social media advertising and outreach.

Therefore, email marketing is a great way to improve customer loyalty, and it goes beyond executing the occasional loyalty email campaign.

Let’s look at a few ways you can use email marketing to retain your existing customers and further improve their loyalty towards your business:

The miraculous touch of personalization

The importance of adopting a personalized approach when interacting with your customers cannot be overstated.

Your methods can range over a wide spectrum, from addressing the customers by their names in an on-boarding email to using data from their previous shopping behavior for making personalized product recommendations.

The Forrester study confirms the benefits of providing your customers a personalized experience: 63% of customers in India are more likely to purchase from brands that provide relevant content, and 60% don’t mind being contacted with relevant offerings.

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Command loyalty by offering real value

The best way to win your customers’ loyalty through email marketing is also one that should be most obvious: sending emails that add tangible value to your customers’ lives and improve their shopping experience.

However, this is also something that most businesses do not focus upon as much as they should, which is apparent from the fact that 66% of Indian customers say they receive too many email offers and promotions, and only 9% say they are likely to sign up for email from companies in the next 12 months.

In order to improve this situation and discourage people from dismissing your marketing emails as an annoyance, it is important that you convey important information to your customers in a succinct way instead of bombarding them with useless marketing fluff.

Businesses can also use specialized services with a lot of experience in email marketing to make full use of available data and technology.

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Be mobile-friendly

Unless you cater to a very niche audience, the odds are that most of the time your customers use their smartphones to read marketing emails. According to Forrester’s study, 68% of customers feel frustrated when a website is not mobile-friendly. Busy 35 to 44-year-olds (76%) and 18 to 24-year-olds (73%) are particularly impatient and have the highest frustration rates.

So, if the content of your emails is not suitable for mobile phones, that’s a major problem for your business. Not only will your marketing efforts(and budget) go in vain, but also the customer will begin to associate a certain amount of incompetence with your brand image.

It’s in your interest to be interesting

Email marketing is a form of communication between a business and its customers. Therefore, like any other form of communication, marketing emails need to be interesting if they are to inspire loyalty in the readers and be retained in their memories. That’s why you need to focus first and foremost on the content of your emails.

Be emotive, be clear, be witty and try to relate with your customers through your copy. If your business domain allows it, it also wouldn’t hurt you to be funny every now and then because people tend to remember a good joke--if it’s a particularly good one, they may even share it with their friends and family.

A customer loyalty email can also be a little sentimental to connect better with the customers. The end objective here is to craft your content so that it delivers the message in the most effective way possible.

To make your marketing efforts stand out in today’s saturated scenario it’s imperative that you get on top of your email marketing efforts and use them to improve customer loyalty and customer retention. Solutions like Epsilon’s Agility Harmony allows you couple your business knowledge with state-of-the-art technology and analytic abilities to get perfect results.

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