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Fuelling Mobile Apps with Data Intelligence

Fuelling Mobile Apps with Data Intelligence

by Epsilon India April 29, 2019

Leading app stores are flooded with more than two million apps for consumers to download from travel and hospitality brands, quick service restaurants, financial service organizations, retailers and others who use mobile as a critical component to support the customer experience. But to date, many brands have created siloed paths to mobile rather than integrating the experience with other channels to provide an improved customer experience. Nevertheless, 2019 saw technological advancements and data enhancements to improve experiences by knowing the consumer inside and outside of the five inch device.

Delivering Contextually Relevant Experiences Through Your Mobile App

Data intelligence enables marketers to understand the needs and wants of their consumers and as a foundation helps to pave the path to knowledge- based app development. With regard to this, marketers need to think about the connection between their mobile app and email platform. Integration between the two enables access to rich consumer data including consumer insight, targeting, creative segmentation and analytics.

With the ability to track in-depth consumer insight in real time, a marketer can drive personalized messages. With the help of data, push notifications and email messages can be tailored to suit the interests and requirements of the recipients. Data intelligence allows a marketer to deeply segment their audiences and push relevant information to consumers in real time through integrated experiences. This type of personalization is key to long term program success.

As of late there have been a number of technological advancements that further help brands simplify their user experience. The most evident changes include features such as ‘one tap’ for reviewing the best deals and inventory tracking to incite purchase. The fuel behind these changes was improved data intelligence and cross- platform integration.

Deep understanding of the customer is essential to marketing success. With the rise in the numbers of consumer interactions in mobile apps, mobile needs to be integrated with other channels and data sources to gain a 360 degree view of the consumer. 

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