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AI, Behavior Prediction & Personalization: Key Takeaways from Adobe Symposium 2019

AI, Behavior Prediction & Personalization: Key Takeaways from Adobe Symposium 2019

by Epsilon India June 3, 2019

Defend design. Champion creativity. Lead the experience.

In the age of digital, creating engaging customer experiences is critical for every brand. By understanding customers through data-driven insights and creating interactions at critical touchpoints, modern-day marketers have championed the art of hyper-personalization.

With business leaders exploring the fusion of data, content, and creativity, let’s look at some key themes at Adobe Symposium 2019.

Prioritize Personalization

80% consumers prefer brands that deliver personalized experiences 

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Understanding a consumer's need to tailor products and services is nothing new. Today’s technology and data-centric approach has enabled marketers to do that at a granular level. But are they really doing enough?

As Govind Seshadri, VP, Digital Experiences, Epsilon pointed out “Every 2 out of 3 customers feel numb by the personalized campaign experiences.” A prime reason behind that is the inability to leverage data and turn it into meaningful insight.

That’s where data-driven agencies like Epsilon factor in. By creating a strategy to optimally harness data and build a sustainable ecosystem, Epsilon enables brands to drive higher engagement and ROI.

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Capture the Moment

● 69% consumers use mobile phones to research products before making a purchase 



The Indian consumer is inherently omnichannel. And mobile experience plays a key role in their decision making. Even for offline purchase, they tend to go online and check the pricing before making a purchase. So, naturally, it is crucial for marketers to engage them at the right moment, in the right channel, with the right content.

By deep diving into consumer behavior and identifying where they are in decision-making journey, marketers can deliver contextual messages that capture attention and drive better engagement.

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Unleash Creativity with AI 

Content is an integral part of the design process and design is an integral part of customer experience. Imagine if something could take away the repetitive and time-consuming process of this journey. Wouldn’t that give you more time to be creative and productive?

That is the allure of Artificial Intelligence or AI - an intelligent creative or marketing "assistant" that can take on less creative tasks, thereby freeing you to focus on being truly strategic in your work. Even at its most powerful, AI doesn't replace human intelligence, it simply helps people do what they love better and faster. It also opens the door to new and exciting ways to experiment, test, and learn from customers to create dramatically improved experiences.

As Kulmeet Bawa, Managing Director, Adobe India & South Asia said in his keynote address, “Don’t look for certainty in the age of disruption. Rather, place your bets on going big, experimenting with the new, and embracing the dynamics of this wonderful, exciting and amazing market.”

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