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Driving Response Through Creativity In Email Marketing

Author: Epsilon India

Email marketing has proven to be an effective form of consumer interaction with brands. According to the Relevancy Group, this channel generates more than 25% of a brand’s revenue. In India, according to the Octane Report 46% of India Marketers surveyed stated email marketing generates 30% or more revenue for them. New and improved methods of engaging customers through live (or adaptive content) and animation along with personalization and timeliness has further enhanced the effectiveness of email marketing. Findings support this as 89% of India Marketers, in the same Octane Report, voted email marketing to be an effective tool for their business.

How AI Helps in Marketing Technology Transitions

Author: Epsilon India

 More than 30 years ago, when Artificial Intelligence (AI) was more of a new concept, it was during the time of an increase in the demand for reasoning and expert systems. Universities were shifting towards study of machine learning, neural networks, computer vision, robotics and the likes. The topics of discussion during lunch breaks were around game theory and non-zero-sum games. It sounded like the tremors towards something big. This was 40 years after the Turing Test (a test to determine a computer’s capacity to think like a human) and Ray Kurzweil publishing the thought that humans can build more intelligible products than themselves.