Case Study
Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings
uses MarketView to acquire new
customers and increase ROI


Customer acquisition


MarketView data
Analysis and targeting




Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings (NCLH) was looking to fill an increase in capacity for their Oceania Cruises and Regent Seven Seas Cruises. That required targeting prospects able and willing to pay a premium price for a premium cruise experience. NCLH needed to identify the right consumers—55+ years old with high net worth—and reach them at the right time and place. They turned to Epsilon for an ongoing prospecting source.


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We provided the data most predictive of consumer spending, our MarketView dataset. And we applied proprietary matching to associate transaction data with specific individuals to learn where, when, how much and how often they’re spending. This powerful targeting solution is helping NCLH understand individual consumer’s likes and lifestyles and identify high-value prospects.

The Results

With MarketView targeting, based on actual transactional data rather than model-based data, NCLH has gained truly meaningful insights and achieved a 2X lift over their modeled demographic, lifestyle and spending trend data. 

They are now able to reach the right customers and convert them. And given the precise targeting, prospects sourced from MarketView convert much faster than those from other sources.


targeting lift
NCLH saw a 2X lift over
modeled demographic, lifestyle
and spending trend data.

“MarketView was better than any brokered list that we had purchased and competed with partnered lists and owned lists in terms of cost to acquire and return on marketing investment.”

— Shannon Balliet, Vice President, Analytics, Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings

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