Case Study
A new targeting strategy drives
fundraising and efficiency gains for
the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society




Data, analytics and modeling
Strategic mapping




The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) wanted to help its local chapters expand their School & Youth Programs’ fundraising efforts. They asked Epsilon to develop an analytics-based targeting strategy to help the chapters identify high-potential schools and improve their marketing effectiveness.

The solution

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Using third-party data, we outlined the boundaries for school attendance zones and assigned latitude/longitude to the households utilizing Epsilon’s TotalSource Plus data. Then, we developed model scores for each area, incorporating additional custom variables. Ultimately, we provided the insights LLS needed to achieve its expansion goals.

The Results

Using insights Epsilon derived from demographic, geographic and behavioral data, LLS changed the way its local chapters approach targeting. With our model, the chapters have been able to identify schools with the greatest likelihood of participating and the strongest fundraising potential. As a result, they’ve achieved higher average donations.

In addition, color-coded maps that Epsilon created, based on model score quartiles, have driven efficiency gains for LLS. The maps, which are large enough to hang on a wall, make it easy for staff to see the target schools, plan their sales calls and maximize the number of schools they visit in a single trip.

Higher average donation


LLS has increased the average size of donations
received through the organization's School & Youth Program
with a new approach.

“We were able to better target our sales calls and increase the average donation amount for schools that participated.”

— Michael Grant, Director of Marketing Analytics, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

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