Case Study
JustFab taps Abacus® data and
modeling to grow the brand’s
customer base and maximize its
marketing ROI


Customer acquisition


  • Abacus data and modeling
  • Segmentation and targeting




JustFab, a leading subscription ecommerce site and lifestyle fashion brand, offers an engagingly personalized shopping experience. Each month, members can shop a customized selection of shoes, apparel, handbags and jewellery in their personalized online boutique. While acquiring new VIP members is a constant goal, JustFab had not used direct mail to prospect until reaching out to Epsilon to help them test the channel’s  potential for the brand.


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We used our proprietary Abacus [ONE] model to examine all segments and find the most qualified prospects across our vast Abacus Cooperative transactional consumer database. We helped JustFab determine exactly which customers to target with direct mail to achieve the best results.

The Results

Equipped with a universe of highly qualified prospects identified through Abacus, JustFab used direct mail to grow its customer base and achieve maximum returns on its marketing spend. For both their Autumn and Spring catalogs, JustFab found that VIP members activated via Abacus had a higher lifetime value (LTV) than those activated through other sources during the 8-week period: 108% higher LTV for Autumn and 163% higher LTV for Spring.

In addition, Abacus shortens fulfillment times, making it possible for JustFab to put personalized offers in the hands of customers more quickly.


higher lifetime value
Customers identified through Abacus
delivered a 163% higher lifetime 
value for JustFab.

“Abacus [ONE] helped us find the sweet spot for DM acquisition, delivering customers with an abundantly higher lifetime value than other sources.”

— Monica Deretich, Vice President, Marketing & CRM, JustFab


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