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Coach strengthens customer connections
with 1:1 email messaging


Personalized email pilot


Agility Harmony email campaign

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As an icon of modern luxury and personal style, Coach pursues inclusivity by developing unique relationships with personally aligned messages for each customer. However, they suspected that their current email messaging approach wasn’t hitting the mark. Coach wanted to test the impact that deeper email personalization would have on improving customer connections. To accomplish this, Coach turned to Epsilon and Conversant.


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Together, Coach, Epsilon and Conversant developed an 8-week pilot program geared toward understanding the impact of a more personal email experience. Matching each customer profile to modeled attributes and data-driven insights, categories were identified for the selected audiences. Then Agility Harmony’s machine learning and decisioning engine informed recommendations for individual subscribers and delivered 1:1 inbox content to test audiences.

The Results

Personalization of inbox content resulted in performance lifts across the board, including a 9.5% lift in site visitors, 3.1% lift in revenue per recipient and a 3.7% lift in AOV across both online and offline conversion activity. Coach also learned more about their unique customer relationships, which will guide their future testing efforts. Luxury, Professionals, Men and Home categories drove, on average, a 15% lift over the control for open rate and an 18% lift over the control for click through rate.


lift in overall average order value

“Epsilon and Conversant are helping our marketing and creative teams to embrace change, evolve our model and execute many iterations of one email.”


— Spokesperson, North America Marketing, Coach


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